Laura Brown

Laura was born in Mexico; her father was a politician for 26 years. She was fortunate enough to travel most of the world where she came to love and appreciate renaissance architecture and art. Laura first studied business and accounting at a commercial and banking collage, soon realizing her love was in architectural design and art as well as horses. Laura dedicated most of her life to competing and training horses; she won several World, Pan Am and International shows; she was a certified International and Olympic Equestrian trainer up until 2015 when she moved to Prineville. Laura has done painting and private showings at art galleries in Mexico City and San Diego, California where she sold most of my work. Since Laura arrived in Prineville, she has had the privilege to be the Art Superintendent at the Crook County Fairgrounds; honored as Artist of the Month at the Bowman Museum; and has had some work hanging at Roger Peer’s gallery. Laura gives sculpting lessons, which she feels creates maximum artist senses and expresses 3 dimensional art along with being a fun and  good method of exercise for hands, helping to avoid aching arthritic problems; she also feels that this type of art for children opens all kinds of possibilities as forensic scientist, medical anatomy or just in creating their own sculpture.