Dean Bonanno

Dean has been involved in athletics all of his life: he played football, wrestled, participated in track and field in high school and in college he continued to play football and wrestle. He did some training in martial arts ( judo, kenpo) after college but did not stick with it. After he married and began raising children, the focus on activities was on what the children wanted to do.  Dean has 5 children: 4 girls and a boy.  When the three older girls were growing up, they wanted to participate in karate together., waiting till the youngest of the three was able to sign up for the Adult Karate class through Crook County Parks and Rec. When they signed up, Dean drove them to class and like any good parent, sat in the stands and watched them; watching them lasted for about 6 months, at that point he also signed up for the karate class and it has been a great journey and experience ever since. The three girls all tested together to earn their black belts and Dean tested about a year later for his. He is currently a second degree black belt in Shudokan Karate. Dean is in his 10th year of training under Sterling Osborne (another of Parks & Rec’s karate instructors) . Dean inherited the Youth Karate class from his daughter and has been teaching it the last 3 years.  Monday nights are a special time for him and the best part of his week, it is a joy to watch young people progress in their skills and know how to protect themselves.