Gail Schmutz

Gail began teaching dog obedience for Parks & Rec 10 years ago. In her class, dog owners will teach their dogs to sit, stay down, walk on a leash, come, stay, general dog training skills and general dog ownership skills. Gail has been teaching dog obedience for 30 years, through private instruction involving dog owners who wish to compete in AKC dog obedience events or how to train their dog to be a wonderful companion in their home. She has been a leader for the Colossal Canines and the Crook County 4H Dog Club, teaching 4H members how to train their dogs and compete at the county and state fairs. Currently Gail has three golden retrievers and competes in the American Kennel Club Obedience Trials, earning many obedience titles with her dogs which includes 3 utility titles.

Laura Brown

Laura was born in Mexico; her father was a politician for 26 years. She was fortunate enough to travel most of the world where she came to love and appreciate renaissance architecture and art. Laura first studied business and accounting at a commercial and banking collage, soon realizing her love was in architectural design and art as well as horses. Laura dedicated most of her life to competing and training horses; she won several World, Pan Am and International shows; she was a certified International and Olympic Equestrian trainer up until 2015 when she moved to Prineville. Laura has done painting and private showings at art galleries in Mexico City and San Diego, California where she sold most of my work. Since Laura arrived in Prineville, she has had the privilege to be the Art Superintendent at the Crook County Fairgrounds; honored as Artist of the Month at the Bowman Museum; and has had some work hanging at Roger…

Jeanne Jensen

Jeanne competed in gymnastics while in school, coached lessons at Prineville Gymnastics Academy and when an opening for Parks & Rec came available she joined our team and has coached for 20 years for Parks & Rec. Jeanne has lived her whole life in Crook County; she and her husband raised 2 home-schooled girls who are now in their mid-20’s. Jeanne is also the coordinator for Operation Christmas Relay Center in Prineville and loves sending gifts to needy kids around the world. Jeanne really enjoys teaching kids as they can do anything they want if they will just give it a try!

Kim Kambak

Kim taught adaptive physical education and has worked with disabled individuals. When Kim retired from education, she became certified to teach Sivananda yoga in 2002; since then she has taken numerous courses that emphasized gentle yoga practices. Kim believes all people can do some form of stretching and strengthening; she finds chair yoga to be one way for this to happen. Kim has taught a variety of courses which include yoga for cancer survivors, prenatal yoga and now chair yoga. This course promotes “yoga for life” and helps anyone enjoy the body they inhabit!  

Ron Greene

Ron has been playing pickleball for 6 years and is an advanced skill level player. He is 72 years old and retired from a career of oceanography which involved studying undersea volcanoes. Ron played and taught tennis lessons for Parks & Rec and now teaches pickleball. Although he has played many sports, pickleball is his favorite because it is easy to learn and incorporates good exercise and enjoyable social interaction. Currently there are 63 players in the local play group which started in the fall of 2014. Pickleball is a sport for all ages and Ron feels that everyone should give it a try to see if it is for them.

Dean Bonanno

Dean has been involved in athletics all of his life: he played football, wrestled, participated in track and field in high school and in college he continued to play football and wrestle. He did some training in martial arts ( judo, kenpo) after college but did not stick with it. After he married and began raising children, the focus on activities was on what the children wanted to do.  Dean has 5 children: 4 girls and a boy.  When the three older girls were growing up, they wanted to participate in karate together., waiting till the youngest of the three was able to sign up for the Adult Karate class through Crook County Parks and Rec. When they signed up, Dean drove them to class and like any good parent, sat in the stands and watched them; watching them lasted for about 6 months, at that point he also signed…

Kitty Lauman

Kitty grew up on a horse ranch spending summers and free time with her grand-dad, John Sharp, who was a great horseman. Horses have been a way of life for Kitty; she loves working with them and helping teach people about them. Kitty has participated in Horse 4-H, rodeos, cow cutting, reining and in following her grand-dad's footsteps she gentles totally wild mustangs.  Kitty is married and a mother of 2 wonderful kids who share the same love of horses and help on the ranch; she continues to gentle wild horses and starts young horses under saddle, training mounted shooting horses and good safe trail horses. Kitty is a leader of the Horse 4-H club, as well as an instructor for people of all ages, teaching them the basics of care and riding, to training their own horses. She has a nice facility on Highway 26 between Prineville and Madras with…

Peak 7 Adventures

Peak 7 Adventure’s mission statement is to provide a first-rate outdoor experience that engages youth spiritually, mentally and emotionally to help them realize a greater potential. Join the highly qualified instructors of Peak 7 Adventures to explore the potentials of extreme sports.  

Inga Ojala

Inga is a successful artist from a family of Hollywood greats; she has always thought of herself as an artist and a teacher. Inga specializes in paintings of wildlife, fish and western art, she has the ability to paint, draw and sculpt just about anything ; she enjoys fishing and studying the outdoors to put the realism into her paintings. When Inga goes snorkeling she studies the natural feel of the water and the fish’s natural environment, putting those elements into her paintings. Inga paints in many different mediums and likes to add materials such as sand and grass to canvas and will often add one of her hand tied one-of-a-kind fly fishing flies or lures to her artwork. When Inga is teaching, she shows the students that there are many different ways to make their art jump out at the viewer and how to bring the viewers into the artwork…

Brent Bunch

Brent has a BFA and MFA in photography. He has studied with noted pictorials including Ansel Adams. Brent has more than 10 years of experience teaching at the University of Alaska and Northern Michigan University. He uses 35mm, 120, 4x5 and 8x10 film cameras as well as 35mm digital SLR equipment. Brent’s photographs are displayed in numerous private collections world wide; his commercial clients include Michelin Tire, the US Government and the State of Alaska.

Lloyd Rodgers

Lloyd is the head tennis coach for Crook County High School; he loves coaching kids of all ages. Lloyd was previously the youth coordinator for the US Tennis Association Junior Team and is a member of the US Professional Tennis Association. Lloyd enjoys the great outdoors and is now semi-retired.

Frank Martinez Sr.

Frank is part of Crook County's Fire and Rescue team as a firefighter/EMT, he also trains on tactical elements out of Florida for EMS training with Law Enforcement, Military and Region 6 Medical Team in Oregon (Forest Service). Frank was in the Marine Corps in the State of Colorado from 1969 to 1972, served in Vietnam, upon return to the United States decided to move to Oregon, at which time joined the Oregon National Guard for 26 years and retired as a Company First Sergeant; worked as a milwright for 21 years; worked for the State Highway Division as maintenance and safety manager; taught Emergency Driving for new Emergency Medical Technicians at Central Oregon Community College; trained at College Station in Texas for National Emergency Response and Rescue in Incident Command System. Frank wants to teach others the skills needed for First Aid/CPR so that you are prepared for situations…

Michael Boyd

Michael has been a sworn law enforcement officer for 33 years; he has been working as a firearms instructor for at least that long also. Michael has taught thousands of students to safely and competently use firearms in law enforcement and the civilian world since the 1980's. Michael is a multi-certified firearms instructor who recognizes the National Rifle Association and the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training. Michael is a competitive shooter with several state and national titles, he holds the highest ranking possible in the United States Practical Shooting Association of Grandmaster.