Linda Haden- Board Chair

I have been a Parks & Rec Foundation Board member since 1982. I enjoy being on the board as it allows me to be a part of our community. My favorite thing about our community is the way that people come together as a family. Fundraising is one of my strong points, I enjoy helping the Foundation with fundraising, organizing and preparing their events and being a part of a Parks & Rec system that cares about the people, our community, a family.

Prineville, OR

John Bond- Board Treasurer





Julie Rohaly-

I have been on the Parks & Rec Foundation Board since August 2016; I moved to Crook County in May 2013. I am a retired lawyer and believe my skill set brings a benefit to the Foundation Board and the community. I enjoy being on the Foundation Board as I get to help contribute health and well-being to the people by creating and maintaining our Parks & Recreation assets. I also am a decision maker concerning the financial support of group involvement with shore assets. Prineville people are very friendly and they care about each other and their town; they are proud, resilient and community-minded. I am also involved with Ochoco Players Community Theater and Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 617.

Prineville, OR

Ruthie McKenzie-

Board Member from District Board

I am new to the Crook County Parks & Rec District Board in July 2017. I was recently asked to sit on the Foundation Board and am really enjoying the opportunity.  I have lived in Crook County off and on for 40 years. I believe that recreation is a integral part of a healthy and productive life; I wanted to be part of providing art and recreational programs for our community so decided to join the board. I really enjoy the parks, museum and library in our community. I presently serve as the treasurer for the Crook County Historical Society Board of Directors.

Prineville, OR

Dick Rohaly-

I have been on the Parks & Rec Foundation Board since 2017.  I moved to Crook County in 2013 from Los Angeles after retiring from the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety.  Previous to that I worked in the building trades as a general contractor. I enjoy being on the Foundation Board as it helps me become more familiar with community activities and assist with the planning of new activities. I like Crook County because of the small-town aspect and the friendliness of the residents; it has a family atmosphere where you run into people that you know daily.  I like the support of the community involvement for activities that help make this town a quality place. Along with the Foundation Board, I am affiliated with the Crook County Sheriffs Search and Rescue and Experiential Aircraft Association Chapter 617.  I enjoy many outdoor activities including flying, fishing, hunting, shooting and motorcycling.

Prineville, OR