October 2018

Fall is my favorite season.  I think it’s because there’s still plenty of work to make the days go by quickly, but the stress of the summer subsides and I tend to breath a little easier.  It’s also pretty out. The contrasting color of yellow and orange leaves with the green grass, the smell of wood stoves in the morning, applesauce and cider…  There’s just something cozy about it all.


It’s also project season, and there’s nothing I love more than a good project.  I recently took on the task of residing my house and replacing windows. I enjoyed planning the project out, removing the old and adding the new.  Family members came over to help and my kids and wife pitched in and painted and caulked for hours on end.


This is the way it is at Parks and Recreation as well.  Corey Lopez, our Irrigation Tech, is starting the final phase of replacing the irrigation system in Ochoco Creek Park.  This has been a multi-year project for the District and we are on the home stretch. What this means for us is that the system will be entirely automated and we won’t have to hand set water in the park anymore.  What this means for you, is that the irrigation system will water at night and you won’t have to worry anymore about getting wet during the day.


We are also busy with the Flag Football and Tackle Football programs.  We have great participation this season and there are lots of little bodies with extra wide shoulders running around Davidson Field.  Matt Vaughan, Sports Coordinator, has the field looking really sharp and the large digital scoreboard, donated by Prinetime, makes everything even that much better!  We are excited to host the state tournament for Flag Football the weekend of October 20th-21st and are looking forward to teams from out-of-the-area coming to Prineville.


One thing we’ve discovered over the past couple of years is that many pro-sports leagues sponsor junior leagues.  The flag football program is called NFL 360 and is sponsored by the big league. The kids get pro jerseys and perks and the cost is very reasonable.  It also gives Parks and Rec. some good admin support. We don’t have to re-create the wheel, and there’s a “cool” factor that goes along with it that’s hard to beat.  Just like the football program, the basketball program is sponsored by the NBA. So as our basketball season kicks off, kids that sign up will also get pro jerseys and fun stuff along with a well organized program.  


We have several camps coming up right around the corner.  Don’t miss the Harry Potter day camp on November 2nd , basketball camp on November 19th -20th, and a winter break sports camp on January 2nd -4th.  


The roller skating rink is up and running again this season.  This is always a hit with the kids on Friday and Saturday nights. We are very excited to let you know that we were able to purchase new roller skates and rollerblades this year!  I wasn’t sure whether to throw the old ones away or donate them to the Bowman Museum! (Just kidding….) We have a Halloween skating party scheduled for October 27th from 6-9 pm.  Bring the kiddos down for a fun-filled evening.  Maybe you’re looking for a good birthday party idea?  Give us a call and set up your own private skating party!


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Duane Garner