June 2017

June 2017

I love summer: being able to go outside and soak in the warmth, enjoy the flowering plants and trees, go on hikes, camp, take the kayaks down the river. It all has a way of breathing freshness into life and refocusing my attention and appreciation on God’s spectacular gift of nature.

As June often goes, it’s hot and sunny one moment and thunder and lightning the next.  Such was the opening kick-off for the pool last week.  It wasn’t the stellar, hot day one would hope for, and we were not sure if we were even going to be able to open due to lightning in the forecast.  We did end up opening the doors and had a decent crowd there, but we rescheduled the ice cream social to this coming Friday, the 16th.  So come on down from 1-5, swim for $1, and enjoy some yummy treats.  We did manage to drum up enough glue and paint this year for Larry Penington, Parks Supervisor, to work his magic once again to get the “Red October“ going.  I like referring to the pool as the “Red October“ because when I go into the mechanical room downstairs, I feel like I just walked into the movie set for The Hunt For Red October.  I close my eyes and I can hear the epic voices of Sean Connery and James Earl Jones bouncing off the walls.   The equipment down there is the same era as the movie and the only thing I haven’t found yet is the periscope.

BLRB Architects will be meeting with the Pool Advisory Committee on June 14th to start narrowing down some of the options available in a new pool facility.  Later this year I expect this committee will make a formal recommendation to the CCPRD Board of Directors of what they think is the best way to move forward.  Replacing our old pool with an indoor pool is a complicated issue.  Pools are expensive to build and operate; there is no such thing as a “cheap” community pool.  During this evaluation process, figuring out what makes good financial sense for Crook County and still build a facility that will meet our needs, is where the priorities are.

The Citizens for a New Prineville Pool will be holding an Ochoco Grade School Nostalgia sale.  Housing Works has allowed the group to salvage items and sell them to raise funds for the pool efforts.  If you are interested in taking home a piece of the historic school, come on down this Friday between 7 am and 3 pm or Saturday between 8 am and 4 pm.

We have some great new programs this summer!  I highly recommend that you come get to know Eli Tomlinson, our Recreation Coordinator, and check out the classes he’s offering.  He will be taking folks (age 13 and older) out to explore the beauty of Central Oregon’s rivers, waterfalls, and mountains on the 3rd Friday of June, July, August, and September. Dodgeball Camp is another new one this year.  Kids ages 10-15 can participate in a week of fun July 24-28th.  And if your young ones have an interest in skateboarding, children ages 5 and 10 can join us on August 3rd to learn the basics of the sport.

Do you want to make sure your kids know how to survive in the wilderness?  Kids ages 8-12 can participate in an exciting adventure camp and experiment with nature.  The instructor, Cole Outside, has a background in survival and primitive skills, and uses games and scenarios (“what would you do if?”) typically seen on popular TV shows, to introduce campers to common, but fun and challenging skills.  Campers work in teams to solve problems such as how to stay warm and dry in bad weather, basic fire building skills, simple traps and various ways to make rope.

Check out many other day camps and programs going on this summer at www.ccprd.org.  Like us on Facebook to get regular updates and learn about new classes and programs!


Duane Garner

Executive Director

Crook County Parks and Recreation District