August 2018

CO Article – August 2018


Generally, I have a fairly trusting personality, and I enjoy thinking that people are honest and care about the same things I do. Yes, this is naive and not always true, but I’m a “glass is half-full” kind of guy.  Now after many years of working in the world of public service, I sometimes find myself becoming rather cynical. It doesn’t take too many occasions of having to clean up someone else’s mess or fixing something that shouldn’t be broken to get me a little bent out of shape.  


Last week something happened that caused some self-reflection on my part.  As many of you know, the Fire Fighters Memorial was vandalized and some parts and pieces were broken.  In response to this, the Prineville Police Chief, Dale Cummins, wrote an eloquent Facebook post expressing his disgust for the senseless vandalism.  By small town standards, this post went viral. With over four thousand shares and even more views, it sparked a spirit of generosity within the community and in six days over $15,000 was raised for the repair and restoration of the memorial.


This outpouring of generosity is simply amazing and it sure helps me climb out of the pit of cynicism.  Sometimes people do things that are hard to explain, and as we try to rationalize their behavior we can only shrug our shoulders and give up.  When confronted with senseless vandalism, one thing I have tried to stop doing is asking “why”. I’m convinced that there is never a satisfactory answer to this question.  I believe that the only thing worth doing is summed up in this quote by Mark Twain: “Few things are harder to put up with than the annoyance of a good example.”


Culture drives a society, but people drive the culture. People usually do what they see other people doing; this is why setting a good example is essential to the health of a community.  People who respect you will start mimicking your actions and before you know it your example begins to influence those around you for better or for worse. I write all of this to say, “Thank you, Prineville.” And thanks to those of you outside of our community for using your influence to set a positive example.  Your generosity is balm to my soul and I appreciate your gift and the outpouring of respect for those brave men and women who lost their lives serving us. They deserve it.


On a lighter note: We are hosting the next MOVIES IN THE PARK on Aug 24th and September 7th at the Old Stryker Field. (This is the park directly behind the city plaza.)  On the 24th we will be showing the film “Wonder” and on the 7th it will be “The Greatest Showman”.  Come on down with your picnic blankets and chairs and enjoy the warm summer evening.  If you don’t feel like cooking dinner, the First Baptist Church youth group will be down there grilling dogs and burgers and selling snacks to raise money for camp.

Check out our fall sports and recreation programs. Get the kids signed up for our Harry Potter or Dinosaur Day Camps!  Mark your calendars that the Skating Rink will open on September 8th and will be open every Friday and Saturday nights throughout the winter.  Private skating parties are also available. Flag Football sign-ups close on August 24th!  Go to  or stop by to register.